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    Would you welcome the return of Sol to Spurs?

    I know so much water has passed under the bridge between Spurs fans and Campbell, but would you welcome the return of the Sol man if Harry Redknapp decided to bring him back for footballing reason to shore up your leaky defence?


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    • i think he would be a great addition to the spurs squad and i think all would be forgiven if he returned

    • There is no doubting his abilities as a CB, in fact for England I would pick him ahead of Ferdinand for reliability any day!

      However, on saying that he left Spurs under very acrimonious circumstances - and many Spurs fans simply cannot forgive him for it!! It would take a long, long time for him to win over the supporters that used to hold him in such high esteem.

      I know to Arsenal fans that it may seem like water under the bridge - but us Spurs fans give their loyalty to the club unwaveringly and expect the players to show the same sacred trust back to the supporters.

      Sol Campbell broke that sacred trust and a lot of Spurs fans simply will not let sleeping dogs lie - so the answer is no he will not be welcome back with open arms!!

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      • I've seen similar thread discussing the same issue, what a shame, I should have checked first before posting this thread.

        Mike, I understand where you're coming from and I'll also feel the same way as most Spurs fans if the shoe's on the other foot. But in saying that I think it's about time Spurs fans move on and let bygones be bygones. Didn't Harry Redknapp told Pompey fans on his 2nd homecoming that the Pompey job will be his last management job? Well, things have changed and Harry has now got himself another job breaking his own pledge in the process. Personally I don't blame Harry for reneging on his own promise at all.

        Imo, Spurs fans should put their feelings aside and access the whole Sol situation on football merits only if it does arise. We all change jobs from time to time and misuse our present employers' time to seek better pay deals elsewhere, why can't footballers do the same thing without being labeled 'traitor'?

    • NO..NO..NO..NO WAY