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  • Sfer Sfer Oct 27, 2008 18:56 Flag

    Is It Only Me?......

    Even if you are a miserable old git (and I am not saying you are you understand!) you are right to be cautious. We still have a long way to go and its not going to be easy.

    No Bond was not a Hoddle but there again nor was Harry or indeed many of the great managers we have seen over the years for many teams (Wenger, Fergie etc) so what difference does that make? Its who Harry thinks he can work with and who will support him the way he wants that matters surely.

    I was a Ramos/Comolli out shouter and I am happy they have gone, and I am happy that Harry has arrived, but its far too early to be spouting off about anything other than surviving this season.

    So EY why not wallow a little bit for now as its been a while since we had a reason to and you can be miserable later if it all goes Pete Tong. Go on give us a smile...dare you!

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    • Cheers Sfer.. your right about a few things. As soon as Id posted that bit about Bond I realised that Wenger, Fergie and indeed Harry were basically unkown journeymen during their careers so yeah it matters not how you were as a player (although Bond hasnt done too well as a manager either).

      I'll also let you all in on a little secret....last night was the first time this season that I have been able to stomach watching MOTD! So yes I have allowed myself more than a little smile and sigh of relief at logging on here this morning.
      I guess my main concerns (as Alfie points out) is that Harry has been a revalation at saving small clubs and truning them into good sides using limited resources and particular techniques.
      This is a whole new challenge for him.....big club, big impatient support,...he will have money but also certain pressures he hasnt had to deal with before (not even at WHU).....ultimately it wont be enough to keep Spurs in the PL, we wont be happy with top 10 or even top 6 finishes for ever......Can Harry take us into the CL in a few years?.....theres my main worry this morning
      But your right Sfer lets not dwell on that now......we had a mare of a season so far and its time to enjoy it for a change.
      Now...lets deal with 'those people' up the road on Wednesday next! COYS

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      • My thoughts? I was going to say on Friday that I'd got to the stage of wanting Ramos out, his tactics on Thursday astounded me. Harry's a good manager for Spurs' style, but Levy will be looking to him to dig us out of a hole - no way will he think Redknapp's the solution for CL action. I'm not convinced Redmnapp thinks he is either - he may well be hoping for a nice couple of years to get us almost back to where Jol had us, then a nice retirement paycheck.

        HOWEVER, it'll be a delight to see the way he'll have us playing, and the team I watched on Thursday didn't deserve to be in the PL: the team I saw (highlights of) yesterday did. He's the only manager I can think of that would make us deserve it.

        And bollocks to it, football's been stressful for too long - I'm jumping on the "he's gonna win us the league" carival float, and long may it continue! I can't wait to see what happens on Wednesday... who's stupid idea was it to have a derby match (arguably the biggest derby match) in the evening?! There's definitely gonna be drunken violence, particularly if Redder's pulls off the miracle we'd all love to see.