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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 27, 2008 19:41 Flag

    Is It Only Me?......

    My thoughts? I was going to say on Friday that I'd got to the stage of wanting Ramos out, his tactics on Thursday astounded me. Harry's a good manager for Spurs' style, but Levy will be looking to him to dig us out of a hole - no way will he think Redknapp's the solution for CL action. I'm not convinced Redmnapp thinks he is either - he may well be hoping for a nice couple of years to get us almost back to where Jol had us, then a nice retirement paycheck.

    HOWEVER, it'll be a delight to see the way he'll have us playing, and the team I watched on Thursday didn't deserve to be in the PL: the team I saw (highlights of) yesterday did. He's the only manager I can think of that would make us deserve it.

    And bollocks to it, football's been stressful for too long - I'm jumping on the "he's gonna win us the league" carival float, and long may it continue! I can't wait to see what happens on Wednesday... who's stupid idea was it to have a derby match (arguably the biggest derby match) in the evening?! There's definitely gonna be drunken violence, particularly if Redder's pulls off the miracle we'd all love to see.