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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Oct 28, 2008 00:46 Flag

    Is It Only Me?......

    Essex I stand with you (even though you are a miserable ol'...er, nevermind, just kidding).

    I think the eleation, the buzz is more based on a changed needing to made and that change actually being made. I've only wanted Comoli out...and there he goes (I hope the door knob hit him in the arse on his way out, they couldn't close it quick enough!). The rest of them? Well, Ramos might have come in thinking Berbatov, Keane, a couple more class midfielders and my CV's gonna be made...when that didn't happen, he quite possibly lost all feeling for the job ("I didn't sign up for this!"). now, I'm not implying that he did the crazy things he did tacticly and personnel change wis, that he did to lose us games...but I stand here still scratching my head trying to come up with other reasons for such dunder-headed moves. I believe he wanted to win, but was at a loss for how to do it with what he had been left with.

    Now here's the difference, H. Redknapp's never been in the lap of luxury, so trying to get a bunch of square pegs to fit into a bunch of round holes is what he generally excels at. So I've got no worries there.

    Here's where I part with you Essex. I think it's way too early to worry about whether he takes us to the promise land (CL). I think the Board got Levy's ear told him what the skinny was (what's being said in public and in private, and said "Sort it!" (or yer on yer bike son!). So, English speaking manager, fairly succesful, and preferrably currently employed (hence no Curbishley, who I think would have been a big mistake, ditto Big Sam)...besides, we like raiding other teams managers, just like other teams like raiding our players!

    While there's been some whispers about how this change over went down, it's nothing like last years debacle, so at least they got that part right.

    The best thing to come out of the change...so far...is the removal of the DoF position/role (a good thing I see on the horizon is the return of the prodigal son, J. Defoe (watch him lose his shooting boots when he gets back...kidding (actually hoping like hell that I'm wrong).

    So, it's all good...sort of...I'm in a wait and see mode...I'm not expecting much, just us to be competitive when we take to the park...if we get beat by a screamer or a lucky deflection or a bad call penalty, so be it, that's football, so long as our lads bring their lunch pails to work and put in a solid shift I'm happy(actually happier...I hate losing at any time, but its worse when we play pants, then you can't even defend the performance when our visitors come to the board and tell us what they think of us.


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