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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Oct 27, 2008 18:35 Flag

    Is It Only Me?......

    watcha EY.

    Harry was always good at getting the best out of a bad bunch and now he has a completely different challenge.
    I also associated Harry with buying older players and i'd hate buying "just past their best players" you'd be right in thinking we could go back 5 years. Harry has also been dealing and managing small clubs such as West Ham ;) and Portsmouth. So a completely different challenge indeed and although its a little worrying, i still feel a little easier that we've reverted back to the old style of management and none of this continental style bollox and and ENGLISH speaking manager

    I believe that its in him to take us top 6 team. I suppose review it then. Not this season of course but certainly next.

    Do the big four have this old style ?