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  • After the unbelievable events of the past weekend Im still trying to get my head around the shock of Ramos departure and with all the 'news' reports of new signings etc etc flashing across my screen this morning .....Im dizzy with trying to fathom it all out....nor do I feel comfortable jumping on the Messiah bandwagon just yet either!!
    Now I know what you are gonna say.....''FFS EY cant you just go with the flow?''.........well yeah I like Harry, Im well happy we got the 3 points as well....Im also convinced we wont get relegated. But then I was pretty sure of this before Saturdays events too.
    Lets get one thing straight though...Im happy for all my compadres on here who wanted JR gone and we are all yids so onwards and upwards...no point in dwelling on the past. I do feel a bit sorry for Gus though as he was Spurs through and through no doubting that.
    But heres the question (maybe its a bit too early to ask it as we should ask bask in the relief this fine monday morning eh?)...how far can Harry take us? Survival..yes, knocking on uefa's door?...Yes. Champions League......hmmm?
    Also is anyone else feeling a little annoyed at having to write off the last 5 years as some kind of failed strategy? BMJ might have something to say about that. I hear that Harry is bringing in Kevin Bond as a coach...........now he wasnt exactly known for his classic football skills is our Kev.!......so I'll say it again.......is it me? Should I just wallow in the euphoria like everyone else today?
    Replies using phrases such as 'miserable old b*stard or 'trust you to spoil the party' are not allowed!!

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    • watcha EY.

      Harry was always good at getting the best out of a bad bunch and now he has a completely different challenge.
      I also associated Harry with buying older players and i'd hate buying "just past their best players" you'd be right in thinking we could go back 5 years. Harry has also been dealing and managing small clubs such as West Ham ;) and Portsmouth. So a completely different challenge indeed and although its a little worrying, i still feel a little easier that we've reverted back to the old style of management and none of this continental style bollox and and ENGLISH speaking manager

      I believe that its in him to take us top 6 team. I suppose review it then. Not this season of course but certainly next.

      Do the big four have this old style ?

    • Totally with you.
      I was at a lost why Levy saw fit to get rid of the whole structure until I read that 'arry was offered the job on Friday and one of his conditions was that Holy C went (or at least his 'role' of DoF was removed).
      To me, sacking Wendy for a situation it appears he had no say in is a bit naff. Gus/Alvares ditto. Surely it should have been Holy C or Wendy who went - not necessarily both..?
      'arry is one of those 'footballing' characters (is that enough though?). Maybe this is his stage and he will finish what BMJ started - but I don't see that his history points to that. But now he's in charge, he has to be given a fair crack of the whip - and and he's already said himself - he will be the one totally responsible for the buying/selling and team - so the buck stops there (assuming Dan the Man makes the money available).

      I'm still at a loss as to how Levy has come out of this - given that the whole debacle going back years is down to his and the board's decisions.

      Good luck to 'arry. All the best to Wendy, Gus and Alvares and in a way to Comolli (given again that it wasn't his fault that THFC elected to have a DoF and recruited him).

    • Even if you are a miserable old git (and I am not saying you are you understand!) you are right to be cautious. We still have a long way to go and its not going to be easy.

      No Bond was not a Hoddle but there again nor was Harry or indeed many of the great managers we have seen over the years for many teams (Wenger, Fergie etc) so what difference does that make? Its who Harry thinks he can work with and who will support him the way he wants that matters surely.

      I was a Ramos/Comolli out shouter and I am happy they have gone, and I am happy that Harry has arrived, but its far too early to be spouting off about anything other than surviving this season.

      So EY why not wallow a little bit for now as its been a while since we had a reason to and you can be miserable later if it all goes Pete Tong. Go on give us a smile...dare you!

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      • Cheers Sfer.. your right about a few things. As soon as Id posted that bit about Bond I realised that Wenger, Fergie and indeed Harry were basically unkown journeymen during their careers so yeah it matters not how you were as a player (although Bond hasnt done too well as a manager either).

        I'll also let you all in on a little secret....last night was the first time this season that I have been able to stomach watching MOTD! So yes I have allowed myself more than a little smile and sigh of relief at logging on here this morning.
        I guess my main concerns (as Alfie points out) is that Harry has been a revalation at saving small clubs and truning them into good sides using limited resources and particular techniques.
        This is a whole new challenge for him.....big club, big impatient support,...he will have money but also certain pressures he hasnt had to deal with before (not even at WHU).....ultimately it wont be enough to keep Spurs in the PL, we wont be happy with top 10 or even top 6 finishes for ever......Can Harry take us into the CL in a few years?.....theres my main worry this morning
        But your right Sfer lets not dwell on that now......we had a mare of a season so far and its time to enjoy it for a change.
        Now...lets deal with 'those people' up the road on Wednesday next! COYS

    • Think you need to look at the great things Harry has done with clubs on a VERY limited budget!

      Now he has a real budget to work with to get what he wants to push us up the table.

      Wether he can do it or not we shall see wont we, but I think he has the know how to bring big things to Spurs.

    • Essex I stand with you (even though you are a miserable ol'...er, nevermind, just kidding).

      I think the eleation, the buzz is more based on a changed needing to made and that change actually being made. I've only wanted Comoli out...and there he goes (I hope the door knob hit him in the arse on his way out, they couldn't close it quick enough!). The rest of them? Well, Ramos might have come in thinking Berbatov, Keane, a couple more class midfielders and my CV's gonna be made...when that didn't happen, he quite possibly lost all feeling for the job ("I didn't sign up for this!"). now, I'm not implying that he did the crazy things he did tacticly and personnel change wis, that he did to lose us games...but I stand here still scratching my head trying to come up with other reasons for such dunder-headed moves. I believe he wanted to win, but was at a loss for how to do it with what he had been left with.

      Now here's the difference, H. Redknapp's never been in the lap of luxury, so trying to get a bunch of square pegs to fit into a bunch of round holes is what he generally excels at. So I've got no worries there.

      Here's where I part with you Essex. I think it's way too early to worry about whether he takes us to the promise land (CL). I think the Board got Levy's ear told him what the skinny was (what's being said in public and in private, and said "Sort it!" (or yer on yer bike son!). So, English speaking manager, fairly succesful, and preferrably currently employed (hence no Curbishley, who I think would have been a big mistake, ditto Big Sam)...besides, we like raiding other teams managers, just like other teams like raiding our players!

      While there's been some whispers about how this change over went down, it's nothing like last years debacle, so at least they got that part right.

      The best thing to come out of the change...so far...is the removal of the DoF position/role (a good thing I see on the horizon is the return of the prodigal son, J. Defoe (watch him lose his shooting boots when he gets back...kidding (actually hoping like hell that I'm wrong).

      So, it's all good...sort of...I'm in a wait and see mode...I'm not expecting much, just us to be competitive when we take to the park...if we get beat by a screamer or a lucky deflection or a bad call penalty, so be it, that's football, so long as our lads bring their lunch pails to work and put in a solid shift I'm happy(actually happier...I hate losing at any time, but its worse when we play pants, then you can't even defend the performance when our visitors come to the board and tell us what they think of us.

      COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!