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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 29, 2008 17:20 Flag

    The "Rejects" Are Back In The Fold

    He wanted to buy Boateng and Taarabt for Portsmouth didn't he?

    I'd actually really like to see Ghaly get a game - how often does a player get 4 teeth knocked out but insist on staying on the pitch? And how often does he know his career's over with a club but go to another with a view to signing, only to put them off by saying "At Spurs we do it like this" and "that's not the way it's done in London"...

    Stalteri's the sort of player who might do well under Redknapp - as I remember he varied under Jol (but I might be remembering with rose tinted glasses....).

    Rocha - Arry's a sensible man, and at the moment we need CBs. Bale's back but Dawson's still suspended, the hearing's tomorrow & if they find in his favour he'll be back for Liverpool (but they probably won't); King's out obviously, Woody's apparently 'struggling with a groin complaint' so poss out, and I reckon Corluka's probably terrified of Gomes.

    So it looks like our CBs will be out of Corluka, possibly Woody, Rocha, Zokora and Huddlestone... arse.

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    • couldn't really understand why jr left these players out of the squad in the first place, after all competition for places is considered good, rocha deserved a better chance imo, ghaly, despite the shirt throwing incident showed promise and indeed guts(4 teeth lost), i for one was all in favour of him being thrown out, but the position we are in needs fighters, so it's good he's back in there, taarabt has potential but likes to try and beat the same man too many times, also, headless chicken can be best used to describe him, boateng was good at hertha(saw him a couple of times), and should be given more time.

      arry did take kaboul to pompey, so not overly convinced he can make good signings(tongue firmly in cheek!), but we need a squad and now that's what we seem to have again, even if it is a little lightweight ;-)