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  • dave dave Oct 29, 2008 16:30 Flag

    Gooners v Spurs.. can Spurs win?

    of course we can win, whether we do or not, that's entirely different ;-)

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    • All very valid comments chaps. (Has Fabongrass had a personality transplant? Seems a bit congenial...or is it serious concern?)
      Sfer, I'm in the same boat as you mate. I feel like it's the close season friendlies and we've just taken Roma to the cleaners! Everything has changed and as Berlin said we can win, we have the capability but that doesn't mean we will.
      BUT WHAT IF........the Garlic-eaters play their best 11 but Harry is inspirational in the technical area, the Spurs players can understand every word he is saying. Ledley plays his 3rd game on the trot. Modric again let loose just behind the striker.....Arsenal beaten at the Immigrants Stadium....

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      • Of course Spurs can win. Arsenal have shown vulnerability at the back, and if we can lose to Fulham or Hull then of course we can lose to your lot.

        I've got a feeling that it will be a tough one. The NL derby is usually a blood-and-thunder affair. Will be interesting to see how Spurs set themselves out. Obviously, points are very welcome for you guys at the moment so I wonder if we'll see a more defensive-minded Spurs that we usually face in the Derby.

        I reckon a tough 2-1, although I am biased.