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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 29, 2008 16:49 Flag

    interesting reading.......

    it's funny....when u win the carling it is a major trophy.....when you don't it is a tinpot secondary competition.....if arsenal had won it they would bragging like crazy..

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    • if we had won it with our KIDS we WOULD be bragging fella, with our first team??? nah, its a rubbish cup and EVERYONE except the little also rans realise it!

    • There's no doubting his abilities as a manager but I have never come acroos such a disrespectful individual as Whinger in my life!
      He never puts his hand up and gives credit to his opponents....only excuses or accusations to explain his defeats.
      When one of his players commits a disgraceful act he 'didnt see it' on the other hand he calls for opposing players to be banned for similar acts (Eduardo anyone?).....he always sees them of course.
      Now the goons will claim he is up there with other managerial legends (Busby, Paisley, Nicholson etc) but surely being a legend is not just based on success...you have to have style and integrity too.
      Look at who some claim as legends....Bobby Moore, Pele, Cruyff.....true legends of the game agreed.......Maradona? (drug taking cheat) Ronaldo? (diving cheat) etc etc....great players all but only a handful have integrity and earn true respect.
      Whinger will never be a true legend in every sense of the word....he is a coward and a liar..........end of!