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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 2, 2009 18:38 Flag

    Plan for a New Stadium!

    Morning EY.
    I can remember going to the lane with the huge crowds of yesteryear. Yes we had 50-60,000+ in those days but most people who travelled came by public transport.
    These days to expect people to leave their cars at home (GOD FORBID I have to go out without it) is not even remotely likely.
    So we will always have the parking problem at WHL.
    Why not incorporate a multi-storey park instead of a hotel and ice-rink. They could easily recoup the outlay, over time, with parking charges and on matchdays make it "supporters only". If you haven't got a match ticket, you can't use it.
    It could possibly be built nearer to the supermarket and cost refunded at the till on other days.
    Just a thought, they need to sort out something!