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    Plan for a New Stadium!

    This news has just been announced on Sky Sports News..


    An awe won't have to move to far away from our ancestral home of 109 years!


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    • Being a bit of a afficionado on stadium design and developments I will look into this one and report back asap re images and plans but one thing Im happy about......that we are staying in our ancestral manor.
      Imagine the gloating from 'woolwich wanderers' if we had decided to upsticks and move to Stratford or further out? They would be able to claim to be the true kings of north London instead of the bunch of usurping pillagers they really are!!

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      • Thanks EY,

        We have needed to move to a new stadium for quite some time now. There was talk a few years back about moving to Picketts Lock but those plans were shelved. So in retrospect a new home just to the north of WHL will mean we do not have to go too far from our current location.

        Stadia seem to be built on very similar designs these days eg.. don't know if anyone else has noticed but Pride Park (Derby) & The Riverside (Boro) are very similar in design to each other.

        Even the Emirates is similar in design to the others mentioned.

        I can't wait to see it all taking shape and we may not even have to move from WHL while the construction work is in progress!!

    • Hi Mike, I've just reviewed them on the website. They still don't take into account any of the parking problems around WHL. Can you imagine the supermarket carpark on matchday afternoons? They won't be too chuffed when it's full of supporters cars!
      Would it not be possible to incorporate an underground carpark and build the whole complex on top of it?
      The capacity has been reduced I see and the fans will be closer to the pitch. There's more public space as well as a new hotel. The icerink is a weird idea, but they are popular up here at Xmas. Boston and Lincoln both had them over the yuletide period.
      We'll have to wait and see if this one gets the go-ahead.

    • The only times I've ever driven or been driven to the football is once when I was working at WHL whilst moving house (literally - I packed my belongings into the car in Brighton at 4.30, drove to the Lane, worked 10 hours, then drove to Birmingham and that was me moved!) and once or twice for away/England games. Call me crazy, but I like to have a little bevvie with my football, and so do 80-90% of the other supporters I'd say.

      If anything, I reckon having lots of parking encourages drink-driving, and I like the walk and the transport to the stadium - it gets the excitement up, and the momentum of the game starts a good hour or so before arrival.

      I do think there should be better public transport though, I would have been to a lot more evening matches this season if there'd been a sensible route to do it, but hey ho. There've been countless government petitions and appeals to TfL from all quarters, I thought it was finally going to come about with the new stadium thing (I thought that was one of conditions of staying at the same site), but apparently not.

      Still, apart from disabled access etc (which arrangements are always made for), the only people I can imagine being stopped by a bit of a stroll are families, which is a shame but then it's so expensive just to go to the football I don't imagine they'll make the pilgrimage all that often.


    • Hi Andrew......not sure your theory is physically possible mate.
      WHL is technically four seperate stands and the design (by modern new build standards) is a bit of a mess so simply using that template for 60,000 seats would look....erm.....bizarre!
      Its all speculation until they release the new plans but Im really hoping they go for the keeping the atmosphere option.....something like this........
      http://www.fussballtempel.net/uefa/GER/Arena_auf_Schalke.htmlrather than a big souless bowl.

    • i have heard evil breadman has put in for the new stadium catering contract free crusty rolls to us yids so we can throw them at the visiting teams lol

    • I've 'plucked' this from another website....it was leaked about 1 yr ago when Spurs were toying with anouncing a new stadium then.
      Im not claiming its the real Mcoy....just that it might resemble this a bit. Not too happy about the narrow lower tier....Id rather 3 2 wider tiers than 3 narrow ones.

      (hope this link works)

    • Hello everyone, i hear that there is also the idea of building a 60,000 replica of the ground as it stands now, what do you think about that ?

    • The link dont work mate. could be me though.

      I am one of the 22,000 demanding a new stadium and I don't work saturdays anymore . weyhey its all coming together

    • Like the vast majority of yiddo's on here, I like to have a bevvie or three before and after the game - often drinking at Liverpool Street & Billy Nic's before the game and returning to Liv Street after the game and the only time I've ever driven to WHL has been when there has been no trains ( Boxing Day ).

      In the 36 years of following the Lilly's I have missed the start of just 3 matches because of a broken down train, someone throwing himself under the train and once when the train-driver forgot to stop at Northumberland Park - goddam him!

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