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    Plan for a New Stadium!

    This news has just been announced on Sky Sports News..


    An awe won't have to move to far away from our ancestral home of 109 years!


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    • i have heard evil breadman has put in for the new stadium catering contract free crusty rolls to us yids so we can throw them at the visiting teams lol

    • Some of us have waited an awful long time for that challenge to materialise 'yids'!
      Its the chicken and egg scenario isnt it?...achieve top 4 then build the stadium to compliment it or build the stadium in order boost our CL challenge. More punters = more revenue = attracting better players no?
      Our current crop of wannabes have let us down again this past couple of seasons.......so bang goes that theory!
      I hear what you are saying but moving this club forward is going to take considerably more than just an upturn in our fortunes on the pitch.
      Plus Im sick of not getting tickets for the Lane simply coz im not 'quick enough' on the day!


    • Like the vast majority of yiddo's on here, I like to have a bevvie or three before and after the game - often drinking at Liverpool Street & Billy Nic's before the game and returning to Liv Street after the game and the only time I've ever driven to WHL has been when there has been no trains ( Boxing Day ).

      In the 36 years of following the Lilly's I have missed the start of just 3 matches because of a broken down train, someone throwing himself under the train and once when the train-driver forgot to stop at Northumberland Park - goddam him!

    • The only times I've ever driven or been driven to the football is once when I was working at WHL whilst moving house (literally - I packed my belongings into the car in Brighton at 4.30, drove to the Lane, worked 10 hours, then drove to Birmingham and that was me moved!) and once or twice for away/England games. Call me crazy, but I like to have a little bevvie with my football, and so do 80-90% of the other supporters I'd say.

      If anything, I reckon having lots of parking encourages drink-driving, and I like the walk and the transport to the stadium - it gets the excitement up, and the momentum of the game starts a good hour or so before arrival.

      I do think there should be better public transport though, I would have been to a lot more evening matches this season if there'd been a sensible route to do it, but hey ho. There've been countless government petitions and appeals to TfL from all quarters, I thought it was finally going to come about with the new stadium thing (I thought that was one of conditions of staying at the same site), but apparently not.

      Still, apart from disabled access etc (which arrangements are always made for), the only people I can imagine being stopped by a bit of a stroll are families, which is a shame but then it's so expensive just to go to the football I don't imagine they'll make the pilgrimage all that often.

    • I understand what you are saying LTS' but to be fair the money recouped from a car park used once a week (lets face it theres nothing else round there to attract punters) compared to 450 flats and a hotel is a no brainer. The supermarket will already have it own car park so another one would be an expensive eyesore IMO outside of match day.
      Ive only ever attempted to drive to WHL once......never again. Its the same with any London team though. We are used to using the trains in the big city and ive never missed a kick off in my life........how hard can it be for people to get off their ar5es and walk a few hundred yards? Fair enough the stroll from Seven Sisters isnt for the faint hearted but you get my point?
      I appreciate that a giant car park might help a few thousand drivers but economically its suicide....anyway if they cant be bothered to support the Spurs unless they can spend 90% of their day sitting on their ar5es...well perhaps they should stay at home! I say this with tongue in cheek of course...Im obviously aware that many people need to travel by car.......I just dont see it as such a big issue maybe.
      ''If you build it they will come''......we will get 58,000 in there by hook or by crook mate.

    • Morning EY.
      I can remember going to the lane with the huge crowds of yesteryear. Yes we had 50-60,000+ in those days but most people who travelled came by public transport.
      These days to expect people to leave their cars at home (GOD FORBID I have to go out without it) is not even remotely likely.
      So we will always have the parking problem at WHL.
      Why not incorporate a multi-storey park instead of a hotel and ice-rink. They could easily recoup the outlay, over time, with parking charges and on matchdays make it "supporters only". If you haven't got a match ticket, you can't use it.
      It could possibly be built nearer to the supermarket and cost refunded at the till on other days.
      Just a thought, they need to sort out something!

    • Morning fellow lilliwhites...........There are so many issues to take into account when building a new stadium in this country these days that I think Spurs have done the very best they could have under the circumstances. We all know the transport issue has never been ideal around WHL but we used to get 50-60,000 into the ground in the good old days. Very few grounds in the country have decent parking and so most of us use public transport dont we? TFL are unlikely to extend the Vic Line (rebranding and resigning everything has been quoted as the most expensive issue here!) but they are increasing the amount of trains on matchdays.
      As for the stadium design....well to incorporate an underground carpark, give the place a distinctly English look and increase capacity to 61,000 (just to irk the goons) would probably double the cost (not to mention complicating what is already a delicate planning application). It would also mean us probably losing this famed 'atmosphere factor' that the designers have strived to achieve with this design. The Spermirates and even OT although bigger have cr*p atmospheres even when full.....our New Lane (ive already christened it) should be able to replicate at least some of the aura of the old ground with the benefit of squeezing in an extra 22,000 passionate yids.
      Most of us could find ways we'd like to change the design etc but I reckon weve just about got it right here and (if its ever built) it will be a fantastic ground and the envy of the PL (until someone builds a better one.......Chelski?)

    • Excellent point LTS!

      I never took too much notice about the car-parking problem at the proposed new site ( and neither have the architects ).

      The transport infrastructure round the stadium can only just about cope with 36,000 supporters - if the capacity is increased to 58,000 the transport problem has to be resolved before they even consider building the stadium.

      I'm sure that Spurs & Haringey council have approached TFL about extending the Victoria Line to Northumberland Park before ( does anyone know what the outcome of this was? ).

      Anyway, I'm sure that the best way forward would be instead of an icerink - why not build a supporters-only carpark - that will be massively popular with the supporters that always have a problem parking anywhere near to the ground on match-days!


    • Hi Mike, I've just reviewed them on the website. They still don't take into account any of the parking problems around WHL. Can you imagine the supermarket carpark on matchday afternoons? They won't be too chuffed when it's full of supporters cars!
      Would it not be possible to incorporate an underground carpark and build the whole complex on top of it?
      The capacity has been reduced I see and the fans will be closer to the pitch. There's more public space as well as a new hotel. The icerink is a weird idea, but they are popular up here at Xmas. Boston and Lincoln both had them over the yuletide period.
      We'll have to wait and see if this one gets the go-ahead.

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