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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 30, 2008 17:36 Flag

    a certain glow of

    Mike, in the last minute I was absloutely convinced we'd get the win - I was screaming at the telly and telling Gomes to hoof the ball downfield!

    Happy days... The office gooner's not turned up and I feel horrifically hungover. Brilliant.

    Liverpool predictions? We'll take them to the cleaners! Actually, that should be a good indication of how the CC game'll go.

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    • I've still got my head in the clouds! Amazing game despite our sloppiness in giving away goals.

      Bentley's goal was wondrous to see - although when he first squared up for it I was shouting at him not to do it. Reckon that's a contender for Goal of the Month (if not season!).

      We certainly played with far more conviction, especially in the first half. It was reminiscent of the 5-4 match a few seasons ago but I'm glad we nicked the point. Great result for us and a dent in the Gooners' efforts to get to the top of the table.

      I'm wary of predictions after my first couple went so wrong. Liverpool are playing much better this season and are a disciplined and well-drilled side. We'll be fired up though to prove a point to Keano (if he plays).

      I'll say one thing for 'Arry - he's put some backbone into the team and for that I'm eternally grateful.