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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 31, 2008 22:50 Flag


    I'm ignoring you Soppy, I've decided I don't like the cut of your jib. But don't worry, after this post I'll probably decide to either like it or be indifferent to it.

    I hope Robbie gets a bloody awful reception, I hope he gets jeered like Campbell. I don't forgive or forget the man who claimed his heart was lilywhite months, perhaps only weeks, before telling everyone he'd been a Liverpool fan as a child (I think it was Saarf who pointed out he'd been a Celtic fan, I did a little research and found in interviews pre-May he'd said he was a Celtic fan, post he said Liverpool) and leaving. He's gonna be smug enough as it is considering our respective differences without thinking he's adored in the capital too.

    As for the result... at the beginning of the season I wasn't confident about playing Liverpool, they're the 'big 4' team I felt most like we should/could beat but least like we would. Now, on our turf, with the confidence high and with a point to prove to Mr Keane... 2-2, Modric getting our second (and possibly us getting an own goal?).