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  • Its bound to happen, Keano returns to WHL with the scouse and he'll bloody score!

    Question is.. Will he celebrate the goal if he does?

    I hope that he will at least show the respect to the club that have given him the best years in the EPL.. but who knows? he had very little respect for us in the way he left to join the mickey-mousers in the summer!

    What does everyone else think?

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    • come january and we're still lingering in the depths who in their right mind would come to us? not arshavin that's for sure ;-)

    • Just can't see it! Defoe will be hot property if he keeps knocking in goals for pompey and they will fight like hell to keep him and even if he insists on leaving pompey would rather sell him to any other team rather than Spurs cos of 'Arry.

      Of course we need another striker (or 2) and I would love to see Defoe back but I don't think it will happen so who else should we be looking at?

      I still think Arshavin might be on the list to join his mate Pav now that Comolli has gone.

    • On the subject of Pompey..I think they may well struggle under Adams. He may be a passionate guy but that can often rub off the wrong way on todays breed of namby pamby players.
      The PL has also been littered with great players who made mediocre managers.....Bryan Robson, Glenn Hoddle, Stuart Pearce, Peter Reid.........Im gonna tip Adams for the chop!!

      As for bringing back Keane and Defoe on loan..........dont forget most people didnt think those 2 could play in the same team!!
      Also I was one of those who wasnt to upset at saying goodbye to Defoe......he was apt to missing as many chances as he put away. Mind you with hindsight of course I'd have him back......then again Pav and Bent are starting to score now.......we may not need Defoe.

    • saw the game on telly over here, phew! talk about ride our luck, never mind we won and 3pts are always welcome at the best of times ;-)

    • "would be nice to have some strikers WHO KNOW how to score"

      Something happened with my computer. computer said no

    • would be nice to have some strikers how to score. They both did when they were here.

      Even the blooming Mido and Defoe partnership was quite good hehe

      But the other egyptian Zaki looks excellent. That would be a worthy purchase

    • Nah, they can keep him - when his team's top of the league and he still can't score again bottom of the league, do we really need him?!


    • I didn't know that - ooh it's a very complicated sport isn't it!

      I was just daydreaming really, although it is inevitable he'll be back - he only left because he wasn't getting first team chances and because he loves Harry & he was there, both these things are different now. Plus, with Redknapp sorting his transfer and Levy keen to throw money left right & centre (how much has the Ramos Affair cost him?!) he'll get a hefty payrise.

      Pompey in mid-Jan will be an 'entertaining' match anyway, we owe them a pounding for that 2-0, and we'll blatantly have/be in the process of raiding their players... hold tight kids!

    • maybe a loan return then ;)

      And get Robbie back on loan too

    • Sorry guys but unless im mistaken....Defoe cannot sign for us in Jan even if he and Pompey wanted him to.
      PL rules state that a player cannot rejoin his club less than a year after leaving. Although Jan to Jan is 1 year...he originally went out on loan and didnt actually sign until later (Feb?) meaning it will be less than a year (loans dont count you see).
      I could be wrong but if not we can forget about Defoe in a Spurs shirt for a while.

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