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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Nov 4, 2008 19:50 Flag

    Robbie Keane return!!

    I didn't know that - ooh it's a very complicated sport isn't it!

    I was just daydreaming really, although it is inevitable he'll be back - he only left because he wasn't getting first team chances and because he loves Harry & he was there, both these things are different now. Plus, with Redknapp sorting his transfer and Levy keen to throw money left right & centre (how much has the Ramos Affair cost him?!) he'll get a hefty payrise.

    Pompey in mid-Jan will be an 'entertaining' match anyway, we owe them a pounding for that 2-0, and we'll blatantly have/be in the process of raiding their players... hold tight kids!