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  • Beat Liverppol 2-1 and the gooners lost by the same scoreline - what a perfect weekend!!!

    Can it get any better then that?


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    • cant deny our defence has been sloppy, but i think they are quality defenders, they just need to get there act together, sharpish.

    • Fair play Flabby - that is just what I would expect a loyal supporter to say. I agree you need a defensive midfielder but I am not sure your defence is as strong as it needs to be. Too many sloppy goals being given away and you can't win this league with that going on. Great going forward but the forwards will get down hearted when they see no matter how many they score they are still letting in too many to win games. Ade has already started whinging about that hasn't he.

    • i dissagree, yeah we,ve had a couple of bad results, but i sincerely do not believe it is the end for this squad, quite the opposite in fact, they are young and very very good, i think that possibly the most damaging thing will be the arsenal fans who are jumping on wengers back, i cant stand it and cant believe it, we have got money in the pot too and if we spend i think we only need a defensive midfielder, something we tried to get in the last transfer window, i can take all the banter fella, no point dishing it out if you cant take it back, i,m red and white till the day i die, in wenger i trust. we WILL come good! beware and roll on the next arse v spurs game.

      p.s. dont think i gone all soft, i,ll still be geeing you up.

      much love!

      that slightly deflated flabby old arse.

    • Flabby you know that I have thought you were a complete tw4t for some of your early comments on here but, like Mike S, I am happy to be wrong footed and admit that since you have found your sensible head you have posted some reasonable messages. On that basis I am happy to see you on here and to resume some ribing as and when the time is right....

      Wenger has proved what a good manager he is and no real footie fan could argue that point with any seriousness (apart from his completely unrealsitic defending of the ridiculous sometimes as in RVP's sending off being "harsh") BUT the team is not playing well, there is very little in terms of depth of squad, there is no money in the pot to bring in flesh blood and there are signs of infighting which may well signal the end of the good times.

      Whichever way you look at it the signs are not that good. I know you will say "look where we are compared to Spurs" and you would be right but lets see what the score is in a couple of weeks shall we!

    • ullo you orrible lot, hmmmmm not so much fun on here now, lol oh well, its a funny old game and the season is FAR from over and yeah i,ve no doubt yer gonna say arsenal,s season IS over, well, we,ll see, i,m on wengers side all the way and i,m not one of the gooner faithful?? asking for his head, far from it, i think he is the BEST there is and nobody will change my mind because of a couple of bad results, anyway, the reason i started this comment was to state, that as far as i,m concerned, bentleys goal was the goal of the decade, simply fantastic skill, i hope he breaks a leg. :)

    • like scun*horpe

      you'll get banned hehe

    • Funny how when you use the letters s-h-i-t in mis hit it gets blanked.

    • Cascarino reckons Lampards mishit cross to the far post was better. Not sure Anelka would agree, he was setting himself up for another strike till the wind must have caught it.

    • personally, i think it was apretty awful weekend, football wise at least. bollocks.

    • dont know why you all sound suprised because WE ARE TOTTENHAM SUER TOTTENHAM WE ARE TOTTENHAM FROM THE LANE!!COYS

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