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  • MARTIN MARTIN Nov 2, 2008 18:47 Flag

    About time

    Thank the stars that we are finally getting a bit of luck. Other teams have had it this year, we havnt, what goes around comes around and its nice to see modric playing like he should be. I just wanted to make my point and im so happy that the cocky scummers lost to stoke, not so pisstaking now are we! Im sure that our wave of good fortune will eventually halt, but please accept that we deserve the results we have just had.
    Im happy to see the spurs playing and winning again. Levy has done good, lets be honest. 4get the uefa cup harry, lets get up the table. Next up man city, come on you spurs!! 2-2 draw my prediction. PS gomes £9m??? Leave it out. I wouldnt pay 5 bob and a chicken for him. he can make some stunning saves but why doesnt he catch? Also the errors have to stop!!! Robbo all is forgiven!

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