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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 3, 2008 18:23 Flag

    spurs fans please read this...

    Good article Derek..........Ive said it many times before and I'll repeat it again......Wenger has no class...its as simple as that.

    As for the excuse making and bleating from him and Benitez...well, keep it coming.....each excuse reinforces the fact that your teams were not good enough to beat a 'basement club'
    We are so sh*t and so lucky we have taken 4 points from 2 (supposed) top teams in the last week.......I bet they wish they were as sh*t and lucky as us?
    The goons have been giving it large for months and now they have been dumped on their ar5e and shown up to being lily livered p*ssies (RVP anyone?)......long may it continue.

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    • Out of the "top 4" teams none have beaten us (so far) Of course theres the small matter of Man Utd yet to play us. I wish we could play the top 4 sides each week.

      Probably given it the kiss of death now aint i ;)

      good spot Del. Nice 1

      RVP is a looony goon. Was he trying to rape the Stoke goalie?