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  • Sfer Sfer Nov 3, 2008 22:16 Flag

    And I Quote.......

    Wenger really does put his big foot in it everytime eh!

    One of the other really good things about having 'Arry at the lane is he pretty much always says it as it is. He does not try and defend the undefendable and if his side has had a mare he says so. He has also been known to compliment the other side - something that that Franch Tw4t up the road has never been able to do - no class see....

    Must have been the wrong time of the month for RVP as he never really shows any irritation any other time and certainly not with anybody bigger than himself. Typical Ar$enal bully boy theatrics. Another 2 or 3 losses and I can see Fabregas and Persil suddenly looking up Flamini's mobile number!!

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