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  • ''We wont make a fuss about the long throws. They score maybe one like that every two months''....
    AWenger on Friday!! ......hahahahahaha

    Here's another ....''The sending off of Van Persie was harsh''..........
    ..snigger.....now that's ridiculous!! hahahahaha

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    • i take yer point about gallas, he wouldnt be my choice, i,d give it to toure meself, as fer booing berbatov, well that will start the moment he walks out obviuosly, as fer him sticking it in our net, well, i just hope we stick more in his.

    • If Ar$e lose this weekend I think that will be the end of their season as far as winning anything goes. Chelsea are not going to drop that many points are they????

      Something else I thought about last night - Gallas - as good as he is I think he might be a negative influence on the rest of the team. Another sulker with high opinions of himself who gets on at other players rather than motivating them. Not a good choice for Captain I don't think and Chelsea did not fight too hard to keep him did they! Perhaps they had already sussed he was a drain on the others.

    • You got a few players missing for the Man Utd game too!!

      Mind you that dont always mean a bad thing as those that come in will want to impress and try that bit harder maybe than the prima donnas who will be missing..........

      Now the real question is how long will it take from the moment you lot start booing Berbatov to the moment he sticks one in the net?

    • i dont begrudge you orrible lot for your moment of glory? long long way to go, and i for one have faith in the mighty arsenal, we,ll come good, simply because we ARE too good. swings and rondabouts, the wheel of life and all that, yer have yer ups and yer have yer downs.

      come on you reds! kick that lilly white butt!!!!

      p.s shite, we got man utd saturday. :(

    • What do you mean we can't compete with the Ar$e Soppy! a 4 - 4 result at theirs is competing I would say.

      I know we can't compete in terms of league position but this is about being able, for the first time in a long while, to enjoy watching the ar$e fall out of Wengers world whilst we have a glimpse of a rainbow!

      Dont begrudge us that please!!!

    • i know mate. But we can still wind em up easily even if our team can't.

      Yours Giving it Large to The Goons


    • Wenger really does put his big foot in it everytime eh!

      One of the other really good things about having 'Arry at the lane is he pretty much always says it as it is. He does not try and defend the undefendable and if his side has had a mare he says so. He has also been known to compliment the other side - something that that Franch Tw4t up the road has never been able to do - no class see....

      Must have been the wrong time of the month for RVP as he never really shows any irritation any other time and certainly not with anybody bigger than himself. Typical Ar$enal bully boy theatrics. Another 2 or 3 losses and I can see Fabregas and Persil suddenly looking up Flamini's mobile number!!

    • LOL! Makes a change from "I didn't see it".