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  • I'd go with that as well.
    I'm a 'consitency' of team/squad type person. OK, you may 'rest' one or two players in 'not so important' cup games (ie where you think you're going to win anyway - ie in an away draw in the FA Cup at the Emirates) - but if (what a dream eh?) I was manager, I'd want to be playing my best 11 in 90% of the games - and I'd expect them to give their all in each game.
    I can understand 'arry now having to repeat some of the exercises already done by Wendy, as 'arry has to get a feel for the balance and who does what well - so, a few more changes than usual over the next few games (he doesn't have a pre-season to assess them), then stabilising in December, ready for the push in (over) Chrimbo and the new year.

    The team had the belief under BMJ and worked all the fronts - so, this team can do the same under 'arry - we just won't finish that high in the league.

    Win against Zagreb, then City and again against Liverpool. Is 3 wins in 4 days toooooooo much to ask? Then the alarm clock went 'orf.......