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  • I think anyone could be forgiven for giving the whole team a hard time over the first few weeks of the season - not so much for their attitude, but simply the results.
    They looked at times as if they were trying too hard (look at Bale at Stoke - and IMHO Bale is a brilliant player) - and talent only surfaces when you relax (feel the force Luka)....

    So maybe now a bit of pressure is off (and hopefully even more pressure off after Fulham) the boys will start playing with that flair and confidence that not only brings results, but makes us one of the best footballing teams (IMHO) in the world......

    Could be that was what was wrong in the first place - after the 'easy' pre season, the boys thought they had it made, and 'relaxed' to the level of complacency and then found it hard, without trying too hard, to raise their game again.