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  • Sfer Sfer Nov 6, 2008 19:44 Flag

    Gooners goosed

    Arsenal in deep poo poo! Did anyone else notice how much stick Ruud, Souness and Charlie gave Ar$e last night after the match?

    The cracks are starting to show and I don't just mean in the showers!

    Gallas is a millstone not a Captain. Serves em right for always moaning and blaming everybody else rather than look at themselves. Even though I hate Manure and Fergie I would love to see them really stuff Ar$e at the weekend.

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    • ??????????? lol once again @fabongrass, dear oh dear you really do like to make yourself look stupid don't you, obviously i have to spell it out for you, now concentrate carefully, i'll try and type slowly so you understand.........................i'm in germany, if i want to have another id, the profile will still be in german, it won't allow me to have a profile in english! get it shit brain? understand now? your pathetic little plan to discredit me backfired on you halfwit!

      coincidence being, that in one of my posts, i said i thought you were also pkphooey and that your 'spurs fan brother' was fictitious, i came to this conclusion after reading some of your posts, so i decided to test my theory by posting on the pikey board, sure enough you took the bait and replied, suddenly this poster kkphooey appeared on the pikey board and you then accused me of being him, pity you didn't realise before hand that i am actually in germany, and any id i have couldn't have a profile in english! nice try moron, still we all know now that it is you as phooey spamming on here, thankyou for falling for it!

      and just to reiterate, your one and only point that you so boringly repeat is that ar5ena1 are above spurs! genius! i'm sure had it not been for you none of us here would've known that! so any idea that you have about being able to dish anything out is totally futile.

      i won't be replying to anymore of your posts, as of now you are on my ignore list ;-)

    • well you obviously are exceptionally childish as it seems you do not like being abused even though it was you and your friend sfer who began dishing it out, and anyhow what would a profile prove? its easy enough to set up another after all, just a coincidence i guess, oh well.

    • old fan, i,m not arguing about either result, we lost 5-1, in a cup we dont take seriously, if we did we wouldnt play our b team obviously and we drew 4-4 its true, a good game too, but a draw none the less, as for the end of wenger? i certainly hope not as i believe he is a fantastic manager.

    • ok sherlock, i'm in berlin, germany, check my profile, guess what it's all in..................that's right.....................GERMAN!

      now check the profile on the other! is it english or german? not that i have to explain myself but i'm not as childish as you clearly are shit for brains ;-)

    • let him rant on about what a great team they are old fan he obviously thinks he's proving a point! somehow, lol ;-)

    • Back on a serious note Flaby - do you think that perhaps Wenger's time at the Emirates might be coming to an end - at least on the horizon - it seems possible that he's lost the plot. How long has he been there now?
      And yeah - 5-1 was still a great game, and it wasn't just your babies playing as I remember it. And how can you argue with a 4-4 draw at the Emirates when you were 4-2 up in the last minutes - let's face it -maybe your boys need to have their collars let out a little on their shirts so they don't choke again....

    • just a coincidence you dissapeared then reappeared once the spamming stopped huh? ok fella. ok.
      i,ll leave you in your dreamy yiddish world, i,ve got better things to do than make you look even sillier than you manage yourself.

      much love x

    • please not the crap about the kids again, lol, surely even you morons get fed up with that shit ;-)

      just looked at the pikey board, sorry to dissapoint you old son, not me, sure you didn't do it to make yourself look good?

    • oh dear, u sorry sorry yid, 5-1 against kids and piping on about managing a draw. did you have fun spamming the arsenal board as kkphooey?? you really are something else and obviously blowing steam from your silly ears.

    • lol@fab again, if that's what you think and it makes you feel better, then by all means carry on thinking that way, as far as i'm concerned hammering your lot last season 5-1 was a pleasure to behold, watching the recent 4-4 draw at the new library was great as well, so you're up there in the heavens, not won anything for 3yrs, but hey what a great team you have, 4-2 and you fcuked it up! lol yep i bow down in acknowledgement to their superiority, guess you were unlucky against stoke as well? does whinger know it's a contact sport? clearly not, oh that's right you all wear rose tinted specs don't you, now just to see manure hammer you at the new library, hattrick for berbs maybe, wouldn't that be good? ;-)

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