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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Nov 6, 2008 22:04 Flag


    Right, off the spammers and onto the real matter at hand: tonight's game!

    I think the big question for tonight is what team will line up?? Many many options... I don't even know who's available now what with suspensions and registered players...

    Line-up, score, thoughts on the opposition, and standard of play please!

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    • That's what Wenger said to - that could go on for a while couldn't it!

    • That's what Wenger said to... no no, I won't stoop that low ;)

    • As far as I am concernd there is only one Judas and that is Campbell but I never mentioned him so that is what confused me. I only mentioned Mullery, Chivers and Gilzean and I doubt they ever knew what a Judas was!

      If I am wrong and there is another Judas that I don't know about then please tell me!!!

    • Not sure about the best team selection not blonde but do you think we have been told so often that Pav and Bent can't play together that we have just accepted it as fact?

      I don't think they are very similar players at all. Pav is much more static and better in the air whilst Bent is quicker and moves better off the ball. Anyway, we have not seen them play together so how can we tell.

      I would love to see 2 up front tonight and why not try them both and lets see what happens.

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      • Why not you ask? Then I will tell thee!

        Pav's cup tied.

        I'm after a pretty attacking line up, didn't realised GDS was injured, shame, I'd like to see him tonight. I fancy getting a young-un in, Bent and Campbell up front would work nicely for me (I think they'd be a pretty good pairing regardless actually, Campbell's fire and need to prove himself combined with Bent's ability to stand gormlessly by the goal mouth and pick up a stray ball or two).

        Midfield... JJ's out (who's gonna captain? Woody? I still don't like the idea of someone who's been playing for the club for less than a year being a captain - call me an old traditionalist)... and I have to get back to work.

        Some thoughts to go on there...

    • Jennings, Knowles, Mabbut, Campbell, Stevens, Waddle, Gascoine, Hoddle, Lineker, Greaves, Klinnsman.

    • Its gonna be an interesting one n_b_r............will the HR factor be carried over into this game seeing as we will be playing a different line up with a few fringe players?
      Harry's european pedigree isnt that good so far and as we need to give the league our all at the moment its possible that Harry wont be geeing them up as much as usual tonight...which might affect things.
      I expect it to be a close match decided by the odd goal but I dont rate DZ too highly. Its just that with the season we have had they must fancy themselves a bit. Im not keeping my fingers crossed for a spectacle though........like most I'll be relying on radio 5Live to crank up the excitement a bit!
      Corluka, Ohara are out, Dos Santos I believe is injured. King is being saved for Citeh.
      Dont know much else at this stage...