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    The Jury Is Still Out.....

    There is always a lot of hype surrounding young new talent and players who are tipped for superstardom somewhere 'in the future'. Every club has tried to buy and develop the 'New Maradona, Moore, Gazza' etc There are also those players that play well in a tournament then demand a inflated transfer fee only to disappoint once in the PL.
    Every club has had a go at this only to wait around for what seems an eternity for these players to 'fulfil their potential'.
    I think Spurs have a number of players who fall into these catagories
    Im not going to give a long run down on the pro's and cons of each of these players as we each have differing opinions on them but these are the players who have simply failed to live up to the hype. Of course we could argue that at times each one has put in an inspirational performance but shouldnt truly great talents do that every week?


    Im sure HR will continue to play these players and get good games out of each but I think back to a couple of years ago and where we were on the verge of top 4 under Jol and these were the lads that were going to blossom and make it happen. How long do we persevere in the hope they will come good? In my opinion they are not THAT good and while they are good enough for mid table....Im tired of waiting to see if they can fulfil their potential.
    Solution? ....well if I knew that id be on 3.5 million a year too.

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    • who's slagging who? ;-)

    • I think the Hudd just needs some clarification on what his role really is for the club as hes never had a long run in the team and gets shifted around a lot when he does play. If he can get a long run and play the sort of role he did last night going forward a bit then I think he will become a great player and maybe a future england star!

    • Apart from being in a really good mood (cant think why) I am happy to eat any pie this morning! Only on Hudd tho as I have said before several times I thought Bent was ok.

      Hud is lazy and that is what gets my goat - never doubted his skill. Still - chomp chomp chomp....thats me eating pie.

    • Bloody hell, i forgot to talk about hudds and Zok.

      THudd is and probably always will be a languid, fluid player (looks lazy and slow...kind of like Berbatov...maybe we should play him up front, as slow doesn't get the job done in the Prem. His passing is immaculate, and he's got a stinger of a shot...will improve, but won't get any faster!

      Zokora - hard working and well liked by his team mates (what game was it where we scored and they all ran over to him on the sideline (dropped by Jol at the time i think). Looks like a the type of player you need on a team to keep the spirits up and the ego's in check, I agree about his strengths, he definitely wasn't being played to use them this term (under Ramos) ut we did have injuries and he did do a decent job whereever he was put 9and didn't fuss!). Will he be a great, Naw...but a good squad player to have around. (Still wondering why we let Malbranque go!!!)

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      • I've always liked Hudd as when he is on, he is a thinking player, plus he has excellent technique, and reads the game well. Now that he's taken off a little weight I think he has improved and he seems a little fitter (as do all of the team). Today he was (IMO) man of the match - had a hand in all 3 of Bent's goals and hit a cracker for himself - not many players could have made that shot. Lennon had a good game (yes - still has a way to go to regain self confidence), Zokora is a good grinder - something we need in midfield. Bent - 3 goals, 9 on the season, assist to Pav last week-end. Plus Bostock, Bale is still 19 (I think), Gunter's 19, Dos Santos' is 19 - I think we have a lot of young talent - AND - I think the key to unlocking some of that talent and getting the best out of these young men is 'Arry.
        As the title of this thread says - the jury's still out - let's see how all of these guys have performed by the end of the season.
        I could even see 'Arry getting the best out of Boateng and Taarabt.
        I have faith, and have forever been the eternal optimist - comes with the territory when you've been supporting Spurs for 48 years!!

    • Lennon - 2 knee surgeries, while he still takes people on and still has burning pace, I think the injuries might still be at the back of his mind.
      Bent - no footballing intellect (or not enough), I tell you what, if I had a quid for every time (race card alert, turn the channel if you don't want to hear this), I've heard about a black playerws athleticism and a white players intellect, I'd be swimming in money. Now i know it's one persons opinion, but couldn't it be down to something else, here you are 3rd or 4th option (when Defoe was about...and incidentally I heard the same about him too when paired with either Keane or Berbatov), there's a thing called chemistry. keane's trying to develope it at the moment with his new teammates, but would a lack of footballing intellect ever be named the cause of his lack of form (at least in the goal-scoring sense), never!
      Bent and Defoe are pure strikers, put the ball to them on the ground to run onto and they'll do what they're paid to do. As far as being complete footballers, no neither one of them is Berbatov (who is) or Keane.

      Again, this is one opinion against another, nothing more nothing less. (definitely not a personal attack, blonde, just putting another POV in here on the subject).

    • yep, lennon started brightly then dropped off, however i think he is starting to improve his overall game, so hopefully that will continue.

      zokora, bags of energy but hopeless with the ball, thudd, complete mirror image to dz, if only we could mix the two together, ffs, what a great holding midfielder that would make!

      bent, imo he's a terrific lone striker, needs the right players around him though, who understand his game better, thik that's slowlly happening now as well, modric has a good footballing brain and he's coming to terms gradually with our football, especially since hr's arrived to lead us.

      would love to see diarra come, however i think the lure of money from citteh would be too much for him to turn down, if reports are to be believed, ;-)

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      • On the head EY. But Zakora is a destroyer much like Deschamps was and he should be used for just that - to protect the back 4. Deschamps was never regarded as a world class player but he played a role in a world class team.

        I don't think you can play Modric, Jenas and Hudd in the same team especially if you are making room for Bentley and Lennon. Then you have O'Hara who has not floated my boat yet.

        All the really great teams, past and present, have a Deschamps and Zakora is the best man for that in our squad so let him play in his best position and let whoever is picked alongside him have their freedom and be judged on what they are supposed to do best - create opportunities.