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  • Old Fan Old Fan Nov 7, 2008 14:33 Flag

    The Jury Is Still Out.....

    I've always liked Hudd as when he is on, he is a thinking player, plus he has excellent technique, and reads the game well. Now that he's taken off a little weight I think he has improved and he seems a little fitter (as do all of the team). Today he was (IMO) man of the match - had a hand in all 3 of Bent's goals and hit a cracker for himself - not many players could have made that shot. Lennon had a good game (yes - still has a way to go to regain self confidence), Zokora is a good grinder - something we need in midfield. Bent - 3 goals, 9 on the season, assist to Pav last week-end. Plus Bostock, Bale is still 19 (I think), Gunter's 19, Dos Santos' is 19 - I think we have a lot of young talent - AND - I think the key to unlocking some of that talent and getting the best out of these young men is 'Arry.
    As the title of this thread says - the jury's still out - let's see how all of these guys have performed by the end of the season.
    I could even see 'Arry getting the best out of Boateng and Taarabt.
    I have faith, and have forever been the eternal optimist - comes with the territory when you've been supporting Spurs for 48 years!!

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    • so bent scores a hattrick, thudd scores with a possible goal of the season, egg on faces time peeps! lol

      what a great result!!! COYS........................................;-)

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      • Always happy to eat humble pie when I get it wrong (although I do stand by my long term viewpoint on these players)
        Possibly the only one I think is maybe gonna come good is Bent and Im not predicting world class here.....just I think he will probably earn his dues. As for the others ..whilst I recognise their talents Im just tried of waiting for the finished article. You are either a complete player or you are not........I wouldnt even mind if they were consistantly mediocre..........but stop showing signs of brilliance and commitment and then next week let us down!!
        I may have a cunning plan............do you think the team reads our posts?....hmmm who needs an EY slagging next?