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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Nov 7, 2008 01:39 Flag

    The Jury Is Still Out.....

    I'd absolutely love to see a diamond midfield of Hudd, Lennon, O'Hara (L) and Modric work, or even the first 2, Bale (L) and O'Hara (forward), but I just don't think it'll happen. I think Lennon could potentially be really good again, but not great. Hudd seems a bit nervy to me, I suppose he was just starting to come into Jol's favour when he left, Ramos didn't really rate him and now I don't know what Redknapp'll think of him, he's never been a consistent starteer for us. With hindsight, it might have been worth loaning him to somewhere like Fulham a couple of years ago so he could get the regular first team action, I get the impression he doesn't know what sort of player he is.

    Zokora... many of us were saying things like that about Steed this time last year, and while it may be true, how much do you wish we had Malbranque now?

    Bent I just don't rate. Charlton had to get some goals, and he was the oaf who hung around the goal long enough to scrappily knock them in. He frustrated me so much playing with Keane and Berb, because he just didn't have the footballing intellect to keep up with them.

    O'Hara I think really is one to watch, and I think (hope?) Harry's the man to develop him. He could be a star of Euro 2012 if it works out for him...

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    • Funny how we see different things isnt it. I think Hud is well out of his depth and I have seen nothing to make me think O'Hara is going to be anything special.

      Zakora for me can do a great job if he is left to do what he does best and that is stop the other team playing.