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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 7, 2008 18:09 Flag

    Anyone see the Citeh game last night?

    Anthony, what I liked about Ireland was the fact he managed to do both jobs so well last night. He seemed to break up so many attacks but also laid on chances for the strikers. Doesn't seem to run out of steam either, was still charging about at the end.
    Just seen Spurs gols on BBC 24 News, nice to see Bent's runs and Hudd finding them. As well as Hudd's great strike. Coys

    • I'm not deniying that hes a good player who would slot in the team, just feel that we have more chance for Diarra who is also the sort of player we could really do with. Also its all going to come down to money with a player like Ireland as hes not one of those loyal players who will join a team because of history etc, remember when he lied about his nan dying cos he didn't want to play for Ireland? wouldn't really want a player like that at spurs!