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  • Anthony Anthony Nov 7, 2008 18:06 Flag

    Anyone see the Citeh game last night?

    On another note did anyone see the highlights of the City game last night? Robinho is some player and their link of play up front with Jo and Wright Phillips as well as Ireland is gonna be a threat on sunday. I hope Kings fit cos without him and I dont want to sound pessimistic but the lack of organisation in our defence could cost us dearly.

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    • think they're worried about us as much as we are them. You're right i think they've got one of the strongest strike partnerships. But we have a stronger midfield. We also nicked one of their better defenders. We've got a reasonable chance. Well FC Twente SHOULD of nicked a 3-3 draw last night. That dutch speaking bloke mcclaren looked like basil fawlty on the touchline jumping up and down

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      • The crowd were up for S Mc last night. Did you hear their S Mc is a wokner songs going at full tilt. Shows they have some idea about managers, by the way didn't we try to get Mark Hughes as well?

      • Your right I think we've def got the better midfield so it may just come down to hoping that they all have a good game and control from the middle of the park. Also our defence isn't the best as we all know so will be hard against the quality they have going forward but as we also all know they also have the tendency to shut off and be clumsy so need to hope that doesn't happen sunday otherwise we're gonna make it very hard for ourselves. Lets hope Gomes doesn't do anything stupid too!