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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 10, 2008 17:18 Flag

    sfer and goosing......

    What an immature c0ck you are furby.....who gives a fcuk that you FINALLY won a game? This is a Spurs board....shouldnt you be milking yerself off on the united board today instead?
    And do us a favour....''brave enough to take the pitch against us''....what kind of juvenile chav talk is that?.....we took the P*SS out of you the last 2 times weve come up against your bunch of French tarts....I mean how many opportunities do you want?? haha......I would tell you to fcuk off but we all know thats not going to happen for a while........you could never leave here could you? CLOSET!

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    • "took the piss last two times" if you say so sex kiddo, yer happy with beating a "b" team and scraping a draw, what a total cock you are.

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      • ...I'm no football expert, but doesn't the manager pick the team? And doesn't the manager pick the team he thinks will win? So, if your manager picks a team that gets stuffed, then ...?

        I'm also not into this 'the B team' - most of your players have got more experience of the Prem than Hull's, even if they're only 12. But you praise your manager on one hand for doing this (ie playing a yoithful team) and building a team for the future, and then also use it as an excuse when you lose..You can't have it both ways - either they're good enough to play, or they're not. And if they play and get stuffed, then they're fair game.