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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 11, 2008 01:08 Flag

    sfer and goosing......

    ...I'm no football expert, but doesn't the manager pick the team? And doesn't the manager pick the team he thinks will win? So, if your manager picks a team that gets stuffed, then ...?

    I'm also not into this 'the B team' - most of your players have got more experience of the Prem than Hull's, even if they're only 12. But you praise your manager on one hand for doing this (ie playing a yoithful team) and building a team for the future, and then also use it as an excuse when you lose..You can't have it both ways - either they're good enough to play, or they're not. And if they play and get stuffed, then they're fair game.

    • i agree actually, yes, you did stuff the team put out by wenger, fair play and well done.

      thing is, and what you have to realise is, as a club we have our sights set on far far greater things then the two penny cup, so is it really a surprise when ...

      a. we put a second string team on the pitch.

      b. the team we put on the pitch isnt particularly worried, win lose or draw?

      the points which i find sooooo amusing, as do all arsenal fans i suspect are...

      a. you think that cup is worth something.

      b. you think beating arsenal in that cup counts the same as beating us in the league (something you lot havent managed for .....well.......can you remind me?)

      c.its ALL you have as "bragging rights" , ho hum.