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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 11, 2008 01:21 Flag

    sfer and goosing......

    i agree actually, yes, you did stuff the team put out by wenger, fair play and well done.

    thing is, and what you have to realise is, as a club we have our sights set on far far greater things then the two penny cup, so is it really a surprise when ...

    a. we put a second string team on the pitch.

    b. the team we put on the pitch isnt particularly worried, win lose or draw?

    the points which i find sooooo amusing, as do all arsenal fans i suspect are...

    a. you think that cup is worth something.

    b. you think beating arsenal in that cup counts the same as beating us in the league (something you lot havent managed for .....well.......can you remind me?)

    c.its ALL you have as "bragging rights" , ho hum.

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    • I'm also not into 'bragging rights'.

      All I was trying to say is that it is the nature of football (being competitive) and its fans to celebrate when they win and feel dejected when they lose.
      I honestly don't think managers put out teams they think will lose - maybe you do. You're manager put out your team - he thought he could win with that team and was mistaken. Simple really.

      Fine, I take your point about the competitions that you play in. But we, and any true supporters, don't just follow the team because they win (that's just an added bonus on a Sat night) -it's in the blood, win or lose, top or bottom, Carling Cup or Champions league. You obviously feel the same, or you wouldn't have been so p***ed off by someone pointing out that you got stuffed.
      What goes around comes around - Liverpool ruled for ten years, Utd have done the same, Chelsea may - but the rule is that eventually they decline and a new team arises to take the mantle.
      Big business is making these epocs longer - maybe City'll be next - maybe Utd will reign for the next 200 years - who knows.

      All I know, is that on that fateful day, we stuffed you. AND I would not complain if you 'crowed' the next time you beat us 5-1. C'est la vie (just thought I'd drop into a lower level language).

    • Umm... you might have your sights set on 'far greater things', but you can't seem to get your hands on them now can you?

      Run along now, the grown ups are talking.