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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 11, 2008 01:40 Flag

    sfer and goosing......

    I'm also not into 'bragging rights'.

    All I was trying to say is that it is the nature of football (being competitive) and its fans to celebrate when they win and feel dejected when they lose.
    I honestly don't think managers put out teams they think will lose - maybe you do. You're manager put out your team - he thought he could win with that team and was mistaken. Simple really.

    Fine, I take your point about the competitions that you play in. But we, and any true supporters, don't just follow the team because they win (that's just an added bonus on a Sat night) -it's in the blood, win or lose, top or bottom, Carling Cup or Champions league. You obviously feel the same, or you wouldn't have been so p***ed off by someone pointing out that you got stuffed.
    What goes around comes around - Liverpool ruled for ten years, Utd have done the same, Chelsea may - but the rule is that eventually they decline and a new team arises to take the mantle.
    Big business is making these epocs longer - maybe City'll be next - maybe Utd will reign for the next 200 years - who knows.

    All I know, is that on that fateful day, we stuffed you. AND I would not complain if you 'crowed' the next time you beat us 5-1. C'est la vie (just thought I'd drop into a lower level language).