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  • Sfer Sfer Nov 11, 2008 18:04 Flag

    sfer and goosing......

    Sorry been away for a few days in Spain and therefore have missed out on joining in this fascinating thread that was obviously started by an intellectual footballing genius.

    My view, for the record has not changed regarding Ar$e. i.e. that they are not as good as they were and that will show at the end of the season when they end up with nothing as usual.

    Also, the fact that Flabby is so over the moon due to a single win shows just how low they have sunk. For one of the "mighty 4" they have lost to some crap teams this year and there is no denying that is there Flabby?

    The fact that you are so ignorant shows in everything you say or write and everybody else on here knows you are an imbecile (yeah look it up!) Nobody takes anything you say seriously and we are all just playing with you like adults play with their toddlers. Goochi Goochi Goo Flabby.