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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 8, 2008 22:49 Flag

    sfer and goosing......

    ....gunners goosed??? yeah right, how the fukk you feel now huh???? did our sorry side just wipe our bottoms on united or what?? was our defence shit or what??? were we inexperianced or what?? how do YOU feel??????????

    THE MIGHTY ARSENAL KICKING MANURE ARSE!!! just as we will do the YIDDOS next time yer brave enough to take the pitch against our inexperianced waste of a team!! doughnut!!! i love it!!!! doughnut doughnut doughnut!!!! lololololololololollol i bet yer got a sorry look on yer face now huh?

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    • What an immature c0ck you are furby.....who gives a fcuk that you FINALLY won a game? This is a Spurs board....shouldnt you be milking yerself off on the united board today instead?
      And do us a favour....''brave enough to take the pitch against us''....what kind of juvenile chav talk is that?.....we took the P*SS out of you the last 2 times weve come up against your bunch of French tarts....I mean how many opportunities do you want?? haha......I would tell you to fcuk off but we all know thats not going to happen for a while........you could never leave here could you? CLOSET!

    • Keep my nose out? Of a public message board about the team I support? If it was the arsenal board I'd let you spout off all you want without comment - as you'll see on the Arsenal board - but here I'll say what I want thanks very much.

      And yes, you've got a better chance of getting the champion's league than us, but 50 x no chance is still no chance.

    • ulot must b bored waiting for the game to start,havnt got SKY2 then it should b on JUSTIN TV

    • erm. ...thing is, it REALLY DOES NOT pee me off when you mention beating us 5-1, because i know how little we value it, it makes me laugh, i laugh because you view it with such visions of grandeur, it really is hilarious, as too the fact you scraped a draw as being a great result, it was a draw, it says more about you spurs fans than anything i can say myself.

      much love, who knows, maybe one day you will have something worthwhile to shout about.

    • Sorry been away in Spain for a few days so have missed the chance to join in this fascinating and intelligent thread obviously put on by an intellectual footballing genius.

      The fact that Flabby is SO EXCITED by an Ar$e win shows just how low they have sunk. My opinion has not changed - Ar$e will still end the season with nothing.

      Flabby when will you realise that no one on these boards, even your own fellow fans, are in the least bit interested in what you have to say or write. We are playing with you much the same as parents do with new born babies. Coochie Coochie coo Flabby. Now stop dribbling and eat your rusks like a good boy.

    • I don't follow circular logic.
      '....I'm only here because people like you demand it...'

      But if you never came here in the first place, you wouldn't have got any abuse.
      Obviously any 'rival' fan only goes to an opposition board to 1) wind the people there up or 2) because they're argumentative and enjoy a good discussion or 3) a masochist.
      Now, looking at the fact that you imply that you don't like it here, then I have simply pointed out that you fall into the 3rd bracket. IE a masochist.

      And as far as I know, I personally haven't dished out any abuse - unless you count my concern over your health as abuse (and I think your paranoia, masochism etc only reinforce my view that you should see a doc).

      PS Can I ask what you mean by '....and explain your problem with computer identities ...'? Now that I've also pointed out that I think you may be paranoid, I would be careful how you answer that.

    • Fab,
      You seem to change tack quite a bit - I was replying to your thread where you said:

      ...the reason i return is mainly because people like you demand it, to stand my corner, you didnt really believe i,d run away like so many of you yiddos have?....

      Now, as far as I see it, that one sentence implies that you come back because I demand it. Not quite the same as the reply you just gave where you effectively say you just come here to wind *us* up.

      ....sorry, i,m arsenal, and thats a whole different kettle of fish, when abuse is dished out my way, i fight fire with fire....

      No one here ever dished abuse to you before you came to this forum. We didn't google you and get your address and send mail to you (how could we, we couldn't have known anything about you) - you came *here* of your own volition - and in your words '..enjoy winding us up..'. So when you start by winding someone up - you get a reply.

      And if you take my concern about your health too personally, then I apologise. Blame my fading eyesight. I thought that your avatar was someone with a nasty red rash - my other comments about paranoia etc were simply based on the contents of your posts.

      PS again, and excuse my stupidity, but I still don't get your reference to 'computer identities'...

      PPS .....2.i dont mind an argument with you lot either, mainly because you havent a leg to stand on when it comes to footballing matters, therefore, even though you claim you "win" you cant possibly, quite simply because spurs are shite and have been for years.

      Were we that bad when we beat you? Or were you that bad?

    • Not to be drawn in on this debate on Fabongrass..

      But I have just checked the stats..

      On the Gooners message board he has posted 165 times, 5 rated while on the Spurs message board he has posted 251 times, 9 rated.

      What does that tell everyone?

    • fella, i,ve been accused of being slayer before, i have no idea who slayer is, if it was me i,d have no problem admitting it, whether the i.d was liked or not, i wouldnt care quite frankly, i,m not here for friends, that WOULD be sad in my opinion.

    • ok......so you wish to be called napolean, erm.....i,m off to work,have a nice day wont you, i hope europe is in a healthy state when i return and you have not messed about with it too much you little soldier you.

      much love.

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