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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 12, 2008 02:08 Flag

    hello sfer....

    your "holiday" was well timed huh? did you get to watch the arse game then?
    what did you think?
    what did your fave commentators think too?

    we were "goosed" huh,its all over huh, we,re "goners" huh?

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    • Oh Flabby when will you learn! You are out numbered, out thought, out classed and out witted. The only thing you have not been brave enough yet to do is just come out altogether!

      Apart from my natural disdain for Ar$e, which is born not bred, and as I have said on here several times and on the Ar$e board, I actually have an admiration for the way Ar$e play and Wenger as a manager. Thats because I am a football fan first and obviously more intelligent than you.

      AGAIN, as I have said before Wenger does make a fool of himself time and again by "not seeing" something that one of his players does and then condeming other teams for doing exactly the same thing, but no ones perfect. You on the other hand are not intelligent enough to have these thoughts - you just spout complete b0llox the whole time which is why you are continually ridiculed by us and your own teams supporters.

      Now, as far as you are concerened, I honestly have never "met" anyone like you. That is not a compliment before you think it is!

      You are incredibly thick. You have nothing interesting to say, you obviously are very poorly educated (if at all) and, as hinted at already, you are now officially the Spurs team GIMP. Congratulations!

      By the way - Ar$e still have not won anything and they wont AGAIN this year. By Gimp.

    • Where did you go to school Flabby? Or is it that you didn't go to school? That would explain the spelling (or lack of it), the complete grammar disaster and the really bad sense of humour which presumably you picked up from the other truants playing with the needles on the swings near the hovel you lived in with your single parent and "uncles" that came and went on a weekly basis.

      What do you do for a living Flabby? Or do you not work and prefer to sponge off the rest of us? Do you spend all day in your little bedsit playing with yourself and pretending somebody actually cares about anything you do or say?

      Your problem Flabby is not that nobody likes you, its that you don't really like yourself do you!

      If you bothered to read (I presume you can read and you are not relying on some other lowlife who lives in the bedsit next door to read all this for you) then you would know that I am still of the same opinion - namely that Ar$e are not as good as they were, Wenger is a good manager but someone who is burdened with the same infliction you have (he cant tell fiction from real life) and the team will end up with nothing again this year.

      I would give you the telephone number for the Samaritans but it wouldn't be fair on them. I bet you have a hygiene problem as well don't you? Oh Flabby I really do feel sorry for you.

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      • you didnt answer the questions raised did you sfer? what a surprise!!! you just spouted drivel, usual crap, when made to look a twat, turn to personal abuse, how very immature.
        You tried your best to make me look silly when i said i prefered to listen to wengers views instead of the views of the commentary team you took such great notice of and ended up with egg all over your silly face again.

        You believe wenger is "not a good manager" and that i am "burdened with the same affliction" i take that as a huge compliment, many thanks.

        i do believe we not only beat man utd at the weekend, playing "fantasy football" (fergusons words,not mine) but that we also just "taught wigan a lesson in how to play football"(nicholas,s words not mine, a favourite football guru of yours judging from your former posts) with a team made up of EIGHT TEENAGERS, a wigan side who apart from emille heskey were at FULL STRENGTH.

        I hope you take time to reply, try not to be abusive, there really is no need, if you have been made to look a doughnut, take it on your sugar coated chin son.