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  • dave dave Nov 12, 2008 17:15 Flag

    richard dunne

    seems we're being linked to him again, imo at the moment he's not having the best of times, but he is a good cb, and would definitely enhance our squad, think i'd prefer distin, but either would be ok, thoughts? ;-)

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    • Have just re-read my post it is seems more positive about Dawson than I intended it to!

      I'm about at the stage where I'm ready to attept he's not up to the job, while I still think there's potential I think it could be a Lennon (aka never recognised). I'd forgotten about his injuries RAMBR0, as I remember he got something fairly nasty but not bad enough to keep him out for too long, but you're right; that may be affecting him. He also had migranes for over a month as I remember it, which was a bit of a concern - ordinarily I can't imagine them being serious enough on their own to keep you out for that long, and he does head the ball a lot, not to mention have the odd headfirst collision... However, this was all a fairly long time ago, and if he won't/can't step up to the plate now he never will.

    • Richard Dunne...teh goalscoring CB...he's got 2 this season so far...both for the opponents!!

      He's a good player when he's on, sees the game well 9but doesn't judge spinning balls well, a la Bent's first goal on Sunday. He's a bit slow, but has Micah Richards to back him up...Woody wouldn't be able to do the same in similar, break-away situations.

      Distin...also slow, also solid. A perfect combination would be the all-seeing experienced CB and the fly about and get stuck-in youngster, like King-Dawson a few seasons ago.

      Dawson had some injury or the other (was it a pulled stomach muscle?) that he's never seemed to be able to get out of his head. He's alternately tentative and impetuous and it results in uneven performances. I was watching a few Hull games (when they were on a tear)and couldn't help but think that right now, they have the better of Mrs Dawson's two boys.

      Not sure who we could get that would be an ideal partner for Woody...maybe that Hull centre-back, forget his name (but he's in my fantasy team) he's lokked pretty impressive, there was even talk of an England call-up 9and he's scored a couple (for the right team)

    • clearly the tabloid press are linking us with yet more players, jimmy bullard is being mentioned as is malafeev the russian gk! is everyone bored today? ;-)

    • Clean sheet, 1-0 or 2-0 our way. Live the dream!

      Dunne... I'm just not convinced. Good, but not great, esp with current form, although my objection previously was that he clearly likes being captain, demanding respect and organising the team, but with the lack of leadership we currently have that might be a good thing. However, I do think now the team’s grouping and getting results the natural leaders in the squad will become clear. I also wonder if he and Woody might clash, and they’d need to be solid partnership as a (realistic considering King’s fitness limitations) first choice partnership... should be ok, but it’s a consideration. Distin seems more likely to slot into the team without too much upheaval imo.

      Dawson... you all know I really want him to come good (surely you can’t be a superhero for a season and rubbish the rest of your life?), and I think having Harry on board will be his make-or-break chance – if anyone can get the best from him it’s Redknapp. It will also be interesting to see how he reacts this season, he’s gradually dropped further down the pecking order, he’s at the point where he’s either going to decide to stay and fight for a place or to cut his losses and go somewhere like Fulham. I reckon it’ll be the former, while we’re fighting on four fronts he’ll have enough playing opportunities to make the breakthrough if he gets good enough and I like to think he loves the club (as much as any professional does these days), but we’ll see...

    • Yep. Definately not easy by any means but if we want to get that gap it is a must win cos cant see us getting much out of the top 4 from here on in. 2-1 sounds good to me.

    • another tricky one, imo, another must win situation because all the teams outside the top 4 seem to be beating each other, there's not any consistent results, you've only got to look at how many points seperate 6/7th place from bottom place, we need to start putting a gap there if possible, another 2-1 result, hopefully our way ;-)

    • Morning Berlin - I would rather have Distin in balance who by the way is reported today to not be happy at Pompey. Dunn is a good CB as you say but he is a bit slow and CF's are getting quicker day by day.

      One thing for sure - we need quality cover at CB what with King being so unreliable in terms of availablity.

      On another note but linked - have you noticed that someone has told Dawson he can play football? Why does he think that he can hit the ball 50yrds across the park straight to a wingers feet??? He does it time and time again and only succeeds in giving the ball away. Nonsense football!