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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 12, 2008 19:41 Flag

    richard dunne

    I think Les (I wonder if he playes the piano?) was one of those players who got slammed when the whole team were playing crap. He was hit like Robinson and you could see his confidence take a nose dive.
    He was a good player when he came in with Reid and he still is. IMHO I still think he can replace Ledley - but the defence is difficult to judge when an element is not right - at the moment Gomes is the weakest link - and that affects the whole back line. When all five functioned as a unit a couple of seasons back, Les looked the part - so it seems that 'arry has to work on that aspect. Woody (and Ledley) on the other hand doesn't appear to be a 'confidence' player - he just goes and plays his game.

    I still think we made a bid mistake in letting Robinson go. But, it is done and he won't be back. Hopefully Gomes is just a 'confidence' player and this spell is just that, a short spell of insanity!

    PS who is going to create the 'Tonight's Game' thread - I'll jump in here and predict a 3-2 score, with both teams (esp Pool) fielding fringe players.
    Hud,Modric and Pav
    Keane and Torres (who comes on in the last 15 minutes and scores an absolute blinder)