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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 12, 2008 17:39 Flag

    To all Gooners (esp Fab the boy)

    You will find that everyone on this board is as mad as a hatter and not worth your breath.

    Hey, Fab, is that statement like garlic to a vampire? Will it keep you all out?

    I just love simplicity.....

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    • i have already noted your love of simplicity, you really are very simple napolean.

    • p.s. you certainly are "special" and obviously have "special" needs, i bless the lord i am not you, i do hope you find someone to fulfill your desires as i believe you to be a danger to the general public.

    • How silly of me... of course!

      And there was I thinking that in 19th Century France the transport infrastructure particularly the conditions of the road transportation network were no more then dirt tracks, where there were no rules or regulations governing the direction of travel - apart from perhaps in major towns and cities... well it just goes to show that all these years of studying Western Europe at UNI from 1750 up to the 1900 has just been a total waste of my time!

      Disappointed?... I'm feeling quite despondant at this moment in time!!

    • Mike - only special people get the full treatment from Gimpy. Me, Nick and Berlin have shares in him. We own him much like people own pets slugs.

      You are far too nice to him so you can't have a share I'm afraid.

      Hey gimpy - come on boy - roll over!

    • Fabby,Fabby,Fabby.....
      Such a blinkered view.
      If 'driving on the left or right' was 'owt to do with carts'n'orses then we would be the same as l'Europe. Those damned Frenchies did come here once before, as did another 'foreign' bunch...

      I ask myself why at this point am I trying to give someone a history lesson and I must admit the answer comes back in the voice of Sir John Gielgud (damned voices - I can't stop them you know) '...dear,dear Johnny, give up my boy, simply give up..the boy will learn....'

    • erm what is it you imagine doing with me once i,m "rolled over" sfer?? very strange indeed, i,m more than worried about your fantasies and your ever more jealous nature regarding me and your wish that i fulfill your sexual needs, i,m not that way inclined i,m afraid, there are probably websites that will cater for your desires, i suggest you look one up, why you wish to broadcast your sexual fantasies on these pages i have no idea, however if it makes you feel happy thinking about me whilst you wank, so be it, i,m nowhere near you thank fuck, and i cant see you whilst you "play".

    • Thanks Sfer,

      I 'A' majored in Western European History at Middlesex University - so to take a lesson from Fabongrass in Western European History particularly on anything to do with the Napoleonic wars is quite strange and amusing!

      Although it was about 25 years ago now - where does the time go?

      He even spelt Napoleon wrong ( he spelt it NAPOLEAN - so I guess we can pick him up on his spelling mistake as well ?.

    • Fabby,
      May I request one thing?
      That when you're replying to me in future, can you state which of my personalities you're addressing - that way I can reply 'in character'.

      For I am legion.......

    • surely mike you don't mean the usual childish gibberish that spurns forth when he is totally outwitted?

      do you think paul weller had the gimp in mind when he wrote this


      obviously everyone will see the significance apart from him of course ;-)

    • no mike they had horses and carriages, gosh, think a little huh.

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