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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 12, 2008 21:34 Flag

    game tonight

    3-2 (I have a feeling of deja vu there)....

    then the Goons in the next round.......

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    • Nah, it's traditional to draw the goons in the semi's!

      Still think that'd be a cracking final, after last year's debacle do you think Wenger would still 'keep the faith with his young guns' then? Fab, before you start getting all offended and ruining this thread for the rest of us, that's a genuine question not a dig.

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      • Yes, I think he would stick by them - and IMHO he's right to do it.

        I think his 'management' of the way the Goons bring on talent is a lesson we'd do well to learn. They spend less than us, and have a depth of talent that is the envy of every club.

        I think BMJ was doing an English version of AW (but having seen the set up last night, the Goons seem to have a few home grown kids coming through as well) - but now with the interruption it will be interesting to see what 'arry is allowed to do and what direction we go in. I just hope they (the board) can see beyond the end of their noses (collective cheque book) and have a plan that will take us through 5-10 years.

        What happened to Ben Alnwick, Danny Rose,Andy Barcham...
        Where's the next set of 'British' talent?