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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 12, 2008 22:34 Flag

    game tonight

    Yes, I think he would stick by them - and IMHO he's right to do it.

    I think his 'management' of the way the Goons bring on talent is a lesson we'd do well to learn. They spend less than us, and have a depth of talent that is the envy of every club.

    I think BMJ was doing an English version of AW (but having seen the set up last night, the Goons seem to have a few home grown kids coming through as well) - but now with the interruption it will be interesting to see what 'arry is allowed to do and what direction we go in. I just hope they (the board) can see beyond the end of their noses (collective cheque book) and have a plan that will take us through 5-10 years.

    What happened to Ben Alnwick, Danny Rose,Andy Barcham...
    Where's the next set of 'British' talent?

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    • I believe they're all on loan to the likes of Crystal Palace, looking at re-joining us in 2049.

      Mind you, a spell at Millwall didn't do O'Hara any harm, and if you can get through the Den with only a skinhead to show for it you're doing ok in my book...

    • like it, like it, i admire your honesty, and i,m not taking the pee, i do, wish some of the other yiddos e.g sfer and berlin were man enough to admit what is before there eyes, you have gone way up in my estimation napolean, good to see it.

      i hope we do draw spurs in this cup, i hope we do play the same kids if we do and i prey we whip yer butts because that would be sheer heaven on earth.

      i myself have never hid from congratulating spurs, check my posts after the last time we met, it was a great game and i was quick to acknowledge the fact as was bentleys wonder goal.

      much love little fellow.

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      • Gimpy if you think that you can suddenly come over all nice as pie and everybody on here is going to be interested in one dribbled word that comes out of your lopsided mouth you are very sadly mistaken. You have tried (and failed miserably) to be as nasty as you can and you got ripped apart so now you are trying to back track and get some friends. It won't work gimpy. Not even on the Ar$e board.

        Nobody, and I mean nobody, on here gives a flying t0ss what your opinions are about anything. Haven't you noticed that the only people on here that reply to you are the ones that are taking the p1ss. Keep your opinions to yourself gimpy and stop wasting your precious w4nking time.