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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 13, 2008 18:41 Flag

    game tonight

    I still think Phil T's face was a picture - as comical as Steve Bruce's the previous night.

    ....I know I dipped out on the streak - but I do have a mental image (and knowing the state of my mind.......)

    Did you get that 'heart in the mouth feeling' though when they twice came back and scored? Over the past couple of games there seems to be a resilience - I just feel that they now have the belief that they can come back from a losing position and still win.

    I just wish they would just go hell-for-leather and bury teams when they get their noses in front.

    Is Hudd Hod reincarnated? Is Hod dead? If not, I think Hudd may be his love child. Hudd, Son Of Hod - the Once and Future King.

    All we need is that Troy-Archibald kiddy in the team running his bum off up front (I don't care if he normally is a 'keeper), and I swear I can all but hear the commentatos now - '...it's a perfect 40yder from udd to Archibald...and ...it's....in the net'. Am I dreaming? Or am I just a figment of my imagination?