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  • ajay ajay Nov 13, 2008 07:50 Flag

    4-2 The dream goes on......

    From an LFC fan a hearty congratulations.
    The better team won, simple as that.
    Have been watching the Spurs saga with great interest, actually.
    I couldn't believe a side with the talents of Huddlestone, O'Hara, Lennon, Bale, Bent etc etc could actually stay at the bottom of EPL. Then add Pav and Frazier and you have yourselves a pretty potent combination.
    Harry never ceases to amaze and I am sure you will upset many more teams before the season is through.
    Well played.

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    • Thanks for your kind words Ajay,

      We have had over the past few months or since the season began people coming onto this message board saying how bad we were - so its good to hear that we're finally getting appreciation from all quarters - these detractors or doom-merchants never seem to leave and like a bad infection always turn up when their comments are least wanted.

      As for Spurs, this is a resurgent Spurs team that everyone is witnessing at the moment - Harry Redknapp has worked miracles since he came to the club almost 3 weeks ago.

      Long may it continue!!!

      Good luck to Liverpool in your European ventures and in the EPL!