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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 13, 2008 18:30 Flag

    4-2 The dream goes on......

    ...haven't we got the same bunch planning our new stadium? (well the enlargement to the corporate boxes) - or is that just a nsaty rumour that I'm spreading?

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    • if they're the same bunch that did the city of manchester stadium, then yes they are the ones, frightening thought isn't it ;-)

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      • I was only spreading a malicious rumour - totally unfounded on anything in the real world ..

        I did find it humorous though, that they put it down to high winds and heavy rain.....hmmm, what rain and wind in Britain? I just hope that also figured in that there may be up 100,000 people inside it as well all jumping up and down....

        You can just imagine the construction company spokesman - speaking in a Monty Python type voice '....what? you wanted it to be weather proof? Well, that's an extra that is. What sort of weather? WHAT you want people in it as well? ....' (Sharp intake of breath and sucking of teeth '.....to you John, and I'm doing meself 'ere, (do you really want people - we could always provide you with cardboard cut-outs and a sound system that provides thunder effects)...that will be an extra......'