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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 13, 2008 06:04 Flag

    Contenders for Man of the Match!

    So many to choose from..

    Pavlyuchenko for 2 well taken goals.
    Campbell for 2 well taken goals.
    Aaron Lennon absolutely ripped the scousers apart at times - just like the old Aaron Lennon used to!

    But for me Tommy Hudd was superb tonight! He really has shown his true ability under Harry Redknapp - so he gets my MoTM award!


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    • Yep, Hudd - absolutely brilliant.
      Though, I have to say that Les was also in fine form - and 'arry must also see something in the bloke to give him the armband. He's (Les) a sensible bloke as well, going by the Sky interview.

      We've started to look like the team we were two seasons back.

      Long May It Continue.

      3-1 at Fulham

      PS I particularly liked Phil Thompson's uncomfortable expression (although Phil is pretty good on the Sat show)

      PPS Benitez didn't try any '...the team were too weak...' - he stood by his selection - a good manager. They did have enough on the pitch to have put up a better fight. Phil T was right - at times (whole of the 1st half) they didn't seem to want to be on the pitch at all.

    • Mel,

      I know it did look serious for a few moments - but it looks like he's made a recovery from that collision to go out with the rest of the players for an after match ruby.

      Anyway as far as his keeping abilities are concerned he could be our very own version of Dracula ( scared of crosses..geddit? ) or better yet he could be Cinderella ( running away from the ball - huh.. thats an old one!! ).

      Seriously though, he has to do something or we'll be on the lookout for a new keeper in January?!

    • No arguments Mike. I have not been a Hudd fan based on his lacklustre performances when we needed fighters but when we are winning he looks class.