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  • gunners192 gunners192 Nov 13, 2008 06:52 Flag

    alfie Noakes.

    i come on here to read his views mostly. Nice guy, fair & honest coupled with a bit of Humour.
    So well done tonight you lot. Same team, but you now play with confidence. Ramos was always a waste of space for you. If the manager looks nervy like he did every match, how do you expect the players to perform. Rednapp is doing a great job for you. And our "boys" against wigan last night were brilliant.
    The 4-4 draw against you lot was a classic for football fans, as was our win against Manure.
    I reckon the future is rosy at the lane.

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    • I'm not sure...

      On the one hand, it'd be logical, but on the other, looking at the performances (the reckless stroppy carelessness on the pitch etc), it seems like the players wanted it, they were just being silly. I'm not convinced they act that well - I've seen some of them go down under pathetic tackles, if that's their idea of begging for a foul they need lessons!

      Also, there were a fair number - O'Hara, Bent, amongst others - who were only really given their chance by Ramos. Bent might not have been first choice under Ramos, but he wasn't the obvious last resort like he was under Jol. You wouldn't think they'd be so quick to throw it back in his face.

    • Cheers gunner192. Nice to know some sensible gooners out there. We made 7 changes last night and won 4-2 against an all foreign side of Liverpool. Yea it wasnt the scousers greatest team of all time but great to get through. Hope to meet your kids in the final. All's looking up in north london right now. A begrudgingly well done against United. hehe

      One word. Huddlestone. He was blooming excellent.

    • im shocked nice comments from a gooner

    • Cheers Gunners - appreciate your positive thoughts despite being from the Auld Enemy! The future's looking good for us at WHL and long may it continue.

      We treasure our Alfy too :-))

    • Gunners192,

      Why... thank you v. much!

      It is always good to hear someone else appreciating our team.

      Well done to Wengers kids last night - you played some very good football at times. Now Chelsea are out, it would be good to see a Spurs & Arsenal get all the way through to the final.. - but I bet it would be sod's law that either one of us will end up getting Man United at Old Trafford in the next round!