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  • dave dave Nov 13, 2008 16:49 Flag

    gareth bale & gomes

    first off, morning my fellow yids, great result again last night, long may it continue!

    the perfomance of gareth bale is starting to concern me, and he was lucky not to have conceded a penalty, for an, dare i say it, 'experienced' defender, going to ground in the penalty area when making a tackle is not a good idea, luckily last night he did make the slightest of touches on the ball first and again, luckily, it was seen by the ref, but he seems to be repeating the same mistake, hopefully he learns sooner rather than later, and his game comes back to him.

    as for gomes, well, i think he should be nicknamed 'dracula' cos he really can't handle crosses..............................when he played for psv against us last season, he came out for balls clattering everyone in his path, own team as well, he started doing that here as well, look at how he knocked corluka stone cold, since then i read that 'arry has been telling him to stay on his line more, as gk's seem to do here in england, unfortunately it appears that this has confused dracula even more, resulting in his calamitous display conceding 2 goals last night, he was all over the show, sadly he was injured when acting very bravely, when he was being carried off i heard someone say that maybe he was feigning the injury as he knew he was having a torrid time last night, not saying i agree with that because i don't think for one minute he is the sort of person to hide, but it did make me think.......................thought sanchez looked very comfortable and confident when he replaced dracula, maybe 'arry should give him a run out for a while ;-)

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