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  • dave dave Nov 13, 2008 16:49 Flag

    gareth bale & gomes

    first off, morning my fellow yids, great result again last night, long may it continue!

    the perfomance of gareth bale is starting to concern me, and he was lucky not to have conceded a penalty, for an, dare i say it, 'experienced' defender, going to ground in the penalty area when making a tackle is not a good idea, luckily last night he did make the slightest of touches on the ball first and again, luckily, it was seen by the ref, but he seems to be repeating the same mistake, hopefully he learns sooner rather than later, and his game comes back to him.

    as for gomes, well, i think he should be nicknamed 'dracula' cos he really can't handle crosses..............................when he played for psv against us last season, he came out for balls clattering everyone in his path, own team as well, he started doing that here as well, look at how he knocked corluka stone cold, since then i read that 'arry has been telling him to stay on his line more, as gk's seem to do here in england, unfortunately it appears that this has confused dracula even more, resulting in his calamitous display conceding 2 goals last night, he was all over the show, sadly he was injured when acting very bravely, when he was being carried off i heard someone say that maybe he was feigning the injury as he knew he was having a torrid time last night, not saying i agree with that because i don't think for one minute he is the sort of person to hide, but it did make me think.......................thought sanchez looked very comfortable and confident when he replaced dracula, maybe 'arry should give him a run out for a while ;-)

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    • Morning Berlin, Really not sure about Gomes. Confidence plays a big part in all players but especially goalies. Arry has his work cut out there. I don't think the injury was that bad (he laid there for 9 minutes not moving like he was dead) then its reported that he was not unconcious and that he was in the dressing room planning on going for a ruby with the lads. Remember all of his "cum" faces he was pulling a couple of games ago like a sniper had got him? I just think he couldn't wait to get off the park through embarrassment.

      Bale is a bit of a risk defending but for me O'Hara was the biggest disappointment.

      Anyway, a great win, and as you say, long may it conitnue.

    • and my formation hasn't come out with the spacing! Rubbish!

      ---CB CB---
      ---DM DM---
      ---CF CF----

    • Gomes was definitely injured - Corluka dove straight into his mouth, as did the paramedics, and Corluka (who he's really hurt on many occasions!) hung around looking really concerned; he must've at least looked like he'd swallowed his tongue. If he wanted to come off there are easier ways to do it.

      Bale - he seems to be playing on the wing a lot lately, I much prefer him as an attacking midfielder. I think he's def a Spurs player, it's just a bad patch. I quite like the fact that he's making these careless tackles - obviously it's not good, but after his nasty leg break it's encouraging that he's not scared of them. Don't forget that he's not been back all that long, and hasn't really played in a team firing on all cylinders for a year. I think it's just a bad spell, he'll come good.

      O'Hara... up & down. He's another player who's been played in different positions lately, and (as I remember it...) hasn't had a full game for quite a while. Now we've got the likes of Modric and Giovani I'd like to see them as LB/LM pairing, they paired up well before and if they can get used to each other again I think they'll be successful.

      Last night we seemed to be playing this formation (I can't work out what it is exactly... 2-2-2-2):
      CB CB
      LB RB
      DM DM
      LW RW
      S S

      Which is unusual for them to adapt to, but as the 'Pool player I was watching with pointed out at HT their best attackers were down the right, but our left stream dealt with them pretty easily. The ball got up the left side quite a lot too, so I guess that although they didn't shine they got the job done.

      Not sure what I think of Hutton at the moment... I don't exactly rate him, but think I'm going to go with the old "if you don't notice a defender it means he's doing a good job", and I was impressed a couple of times when he got forward.

    • lol, maybe you'll get more sense that way!

      imo i'd prefer to see him converted to a lm role, but as i said in my gomes bale thread, it was mentioned about him being the sort of player that fits in with spurs, after contemplating a bit, think also his head has been turned slightly with this talk linking him with manure again, just like it did with berbatoff(i meant that by the way) ;-)

    • that's the one! god it's so confusing all these different threads, it's a conspiracy you know! ;-)

    • I see I wasn't the only one on the shandies last night... "as i said in my gomes bale thread" - you mean this one Berlin???

    • Hehehe, i might just carry on replying to myself for a while! :)

    • drunk again was we? lol ;-)

    • Oops... obviously I meant Pool supporter I was watching with, not player!

    • exactly!!! ;-)

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