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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 14, 2008 02:41 Flag

    a lesson.........

    This is fun - we can just bounce the results of google searches off each other - a bit like Mornington Crescent - what's the target in this Fabby - who can get in the phrase '...but my mother was a giraffe ....' first? Hey, did I then win?

    My google is:

    Sten Forshufvud was a Swedish dentist and expert on poisons who formulated and supported the controversial theory that Napoleon was assassinated by a member of his entourage while in exile. He co-authored a book about this with Ben Weider. He tested five of Napoleon's hairs with Ben Weider for traces of arsenic. They found fluctuations of arsenic levels ranging from normal to 38 times greater than average. This would purportedly suggest that Napoleon was given arsenic in different concentrations at different times for almost five years prior to his death. Forshufvud's findings have been disputed, however, since the hairs that were tested have never been decisively dated, or even proven to be Napoleon's.